Revealed! Funniest parent comments about Bing – Bing Live Show

Revealed! Funniest parent comments about Bing

Is Flop an alien?

Why does Pando always take off his trousers?

Although Bing is written for preschoolers lots of parents watch it too and they say the funniest things about Bing, Flop and friends!

Read on to see our favourite funny comments parents have shared online after watching the tv show!

Flop DOESN’T come from a place round the corner, not far away

“I think Flop and all the caregivers are alien robots, the whole land is an experiment for the aliens to document the development of Bing and the others.”

– Beckie W on Net Mums

Flop is a MUCH better parent than we are

“Flop, what even are you? Are you his dad or what? Does he call you Flop because of some progressive parenting choice you’ve made to deconstruct the normative model of the family? Are you a neighbour or some kind of paid help? I’m not trying to be narrow minded. I’m just trying to understand why you never seem to lose your cool, Flop. We never see you in the background putting your car keys in your bag really hard or muttering about how well you did in your degree while mopping up yoghurt with a fistful of angrily scrunched baby wipes. Flop, do you ever have to count to ten?”

– Bonny from They ruin your life blog

It’s a Bing thing

Seriously if one of my kids took my phone into the garden, broke it and lied about it I would be going medieval on them. Not like ‘it’s a Bing thing’ ?‍♂️”

– PB on Reddit

Pando may get hurt if he doesn’t keep his trousers on

“Oh well each to their own …. Just hope you don’t end up with a splinter in your bottom Pando!”

– Christine Harmes on Bing Bunny Austalia’s Facebook page

…And his pants are a little too tight

“I think Pando strips to his pants for the giggles, but I wish his underwear was a size bigger.”

– Cazali on Baby Centre

Which country is Bing from?

I always assumed Bing was British but last night I could swear I saw people driving on the right hand side ?

– DSOTM on Baby Centre

After reading all this, we still can’t wait to see the show!

“Never heard of Bing?! What channel? You’ve weirdly sold it to me!”

– Maybe_baby_please on Baby Centre


We’d love to know what weird or funny thoughts about Bing have made you laugh. Join in and leave us a comment in the comments section below with your funniest thoughts about the show. But please remember to keep them clean!

And if you’d like to see Bing, Flop and friends live on stage with your little one, don’t forget, there are only 3 months left before Bing Live ends on 28 April. Don’t miss it, book now before it’s too late!



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