Bringing Bing to life on the stage – Bing Live Show

Bringing Bing to life on the stage

We spoke to script writer Helen Eastman to find the magic ingredients needed to bring such a popular TV animation to life on the stage.

Script writer, director and mum, Helen Eastman, is a big fan of Bing and has watched every episode of the TV animation many times with her three-year-old.

In preparation for writing the Bing Live! script, she also explored the books and the website to spend more time with the characters and understand all the ways that children have come to love Bing.

Helen said: “Then I started to think of the right story to tell. It’s really important to remember how well our audience knows these characters, and it’s our responsibility to bring them to life in a way that feels instantly familiar. However, theatre is a very different medium to television, so it is an opportunity to take exciting new directions.”

She created the script for Bing Live! by thinking about the different experiences the characters could have in a theatre and share with an audience. As it’s a live show, she also wanted to include elements that the audience could participate in.

Helen explained: “For many members of our audience, this could be their first trip to the theatre; we want them to love it as much as we do and take part in the show.”

Bing Live! uses puppets to bring the characters of Bing, Sula, Coco, Pando and their carers Flop and Amma to life.

As all lovers of the top-rated pre-school TV show know, Bing is much bigger than his carer Flop. Using puppets was the best way to get the size dynamics and scale of the characters right, rather than them all being the size of a human.

Helen said: “Puppets are magical and allow us to create our characters without having to turn them into people. Children have such vivid imaginations; they will be swept up into Bing’s world straight away.

If you love Bing, you’ll love Bing Live! You can look forward to seeing your favourite characters come to life in front of you and join them in their story. There’ll be plenty of interaction and fun to be had, and lots of music and songs. We are sure that Bingsters, parents, grandparents and siblings will love the show too… it is truly a great experience for the whole family.”

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