Teach your Bingster how to sing with Bing! – Bing Live Show

Teach your Bingster how to sing with Bing!

Can your little one sing like Bing?

Dance with Bing

Now you can do the ‘Coco Dance’, sing the ‘Banana Song’ or ‘Imagine’ your very own stories together!

Take a look look look at these wonderful videos from the Bing Live show and have lots of fun learning how to dance, sing and pretend with Bing and friends!

Sing the ‘Banana Song’!

‘Banana!’ Can you say it – ‘Ba-na-na!’ It’s such a brilliant word. Bing and friends are learning to say it together. Come on, say it with them…

Do the ‘Coco Dance’!

Coco is a quality dancer! And she wants to teach Bing, Sula, Pando and all the Bingsters how to dance too. Standing up or sitting down, it’s easy to join in!

‘Imagine’ your own stories

You can pretend to be anything or go anywhere you want to when you use your imagination. Let’s pretend to be lions in the jungle – ROOOAAARRR!

‘Dressing Up’ with Bing and Sula

Who will you be? Dressing up is lots of fun! And anyone can do it. Give it a try using some of the things around your home…

It’s easy to ‘Make Music’

It’s lots of fun making music! Everyone can do it! You’ll see – all you have to do sing along with Amma. And you can be as loud or quiet as you want.

Watch the stars ‘Twinkle Twinkle’

Wow! The stars are so lovely! Singing ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ will make them shine really bright…and Pando steals the show 😂

All done! Did you learn how to sing, say ‘banana’ or use your imagination to make your own story? Good for you!

See all the songs and watch how Bing’s first ever theatre show unfolds in real life before the tour ends. Find a venue and book your tickets today before the tour ends on 28 April!

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