Teach your Bingster how to sing with Bing!

    Can your little one sing like Bing? Now you can do the ‘Coco Dance’, sing the ‘Banana Song’ or ‘Imagine’ your very own stories together! Take a look look look at these wonderful videos from the Bing Live

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The Bing draw competition
Bing Live’s #TheBingDraw competition

Bing Live’s #TheBingDraw Competition Would you like to meet Bing and Flop in real life?  We’re giving 26 very lucky Bingsters the chance to meet their favourite characters from the smash-hit children’s TV show, in real life, at 26 locations

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We LOVE Bing Live!

Aria and her family went to see Bing Live! in June in St Albans. Here’s what they said about the show: “Aria loved it – she loved all the characters and they were a lovely size so they are not

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Bing Live’s Bing Stars!

Send us pictures and videos of your Bing Live theatre adventures using #BingStar and #WeLoveBingLive on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!

Bing Live Dani Harmer
Bing Live UK Tour Gala Event

Bing Live UK Tour Gala Event at At Albans Arena London on 24 Jun 2018

The magic behind the Bing Live! puppets

We spoke to animatronics and costume maestro Tahra Zafar, to discover her inspiration for the enchanting Bing Live! puppets Tahra Zafar has not only worked on hit films including Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and Star Wars VII, but

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Bringing Bing to life on the stage

We spoke to script writer Helen Eastman to find the magic ingredients needed to bring such a popular TV animation to life on the stage. Script writer, director and mum, Helen Eastman, is a big fan of Bing and has

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Bing’s visit to the Alhambra Theatre Bradford

Bing and Flop went to Bradford to take a look at one of the venues where they will be performing in their first ever live show! They loved their tour around the beautiful Alhambra theatre and are SO excited that

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