Thank you for taking part in our Bing Live Guessing Game!

Here are the answers:

How many dances has Coco performed so far during the Bing Live tour?

207 Dances – Bing Live started last year on Jun 18th at the Alban Arena and by the time Bing and friends leave Harlow Coco will have performed 207 dances! See her dance moves in the video below:

How many times will Bing visit the moon during the Bing Live tour?

Did you know that Bing visited the moon in Bing Live? And he’s going to do it 281 times by the time the tour ends! That’s 275 more times than NASA! Find out more by visiting our show page or find your nearest venue here to see Bing Live.

What will Sula perform 843 times during the Bing Live tour?

Sula will change her costume 843 times during the tour! Take a look at her speedy costume changes in the clip of dressing up here:

Sula has performed her costume changes in 50 venues already and there are only 17 venues left before the tour ends on 28 Apr 2018.

That’s it! Well done for taking the Bing Live Guessing Game! We hope you learned lots of wonderful titbits about the show. Book tickets today to see Bing Live before the tour ends on 28 Apr!